Monday, August 6, 2012

Now What?

So if you've gotten to this point, you're probably ready to take the next step.  And your natural question would probably be...what exactly IS that next step?  Both literally and figuratively, the next step IS to take a step....or more specifically to take a bunch of steps.  It's time to start training!

If you haven't yet, grab a copy of our training plan.  What we've done with this plan is to take the somewhat well-known "Couch To 5K" program and modify it slightly so that if you complete the entire program, then you'll be ready to complete the 5K on September 28th.

All it takes is a time investment of 35 minutes a day for three days a week over eight weeks.  And that's it.

So lace up those shoes and get going!  Let's do this thing!

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